Saturday, January 30, 2016

Organizational Decay

I have seen a number of organization become so high performing that many would come to see the buzz. Visitors would be in awe of the company's high productivity and quality and wonder what the secret was to attract talent that was customer focused and passionate about delivery and innovation.

Sadly, I have seen the same organizations become but a shadow of what they were. Why is that? Why can't a high performing organization stay high performing? Looking deeper you often see a change in leadership or a leadership that never bought in that proceeds the organizational performance decay.

Leadership matters!

I have been learning to become a high performing lean leader. I am learning its value and the results it can produce. In the coming weeks, I will share some of the concepts I have learned and my experiences with them. I just finished learning from Joe Murli. He teaches about "The Lean Management System".

What I have learned is amazing. Joe focuses on leadership and its' behavior and accountability. It has filled many gaps in my quest to leverage agile to help organizations become  sustaining high performing organizations. Joe's book will be released soon. I recommend you watch for it.

More to come ...