Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Enterprise Agile-Lean Transformation Case Study

The Leans Software and System Consortium has an excellent presentation of an Agile and Lean Transformation caried out by Premier, a health care provider.

Some key points
  • start with the leadership, without executive buyin, the transformation will eventual stall or fail
  • select the right coach and/ or embedded coaches
  • create an internal champion
  • start with a pilot team
  • trasparency, make it visibile
  • business engagement; top-down portfolio of prioritized work
  • PMO ensured consistent use of visual controls for all teams
  • enterprise dashboard for entire portfolio
  • dashboard summaries available by browser
  • visibility lead to success
Audio is here :

Slides are here :

Executives, it is time to lead. If you can't coach you can't lead. If you can't lead you can't transform the enterprise.

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