Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Am reading "The Cucumber Book". I like concise statements like this one:

"Acceptance test ensures you build the right thing while unit test ensure you build the thing right".

While developers write unit test to drive their designs, it is essential that the business (or product owner or business analyst acting as proxies for the business) write feature files to describe the software's behavior. Developers then automate the step definitions. Following the principles of Outside-In, the scenarios tell the developers what unit tests to write. TDD helps the developers "build the thing right".

Given that some business people are unable to write feature files, the business can work in collaboration with cross-functional teams to write the Gherkin. What cannot be delegated to developers by the business is the behavior expressed by the scenarios in the feature files. Before the feature files can be automated by the developers, the business must ensure that the scenarios define the behavior of the software from their perspective. Only then has the business properly defined what it means to "build the right thing".

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