Sunday, March 27, 2011

The First Iteration

The business partner had grown fond of seeing working software every two weeks. When they first started they said " We will try this agile thing but we want a 2 hour project plan review with everyone every week". We said OK.

Then came the first show and tell. The shock on our business partner's face when she saw working software, it was priceless. So much for IT being incompetent.

Then came the reflexive response, "That's not what we asked for". The team reviewed the story cards with our product owner. It was exactly what she asked for. Then she gasped, "Oh my gosh, we better be more careful what we ask for". Our business partner did not expect to see anything done on time. Not in two weeks. So she and her subject matter experts did not put much effort into specifying what they wanted. But in front of them was the working software. Exactly as they asked. Accountability was born.

What happen to the weekly project reviews? After seeing working software no one wanted to hear that task 2B was 27% done. No one ever knew what that meant anyways.

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