Monday, February 14, 2011

Enterprise Eco System

Complexity! Lots of complexity. Not all of it necessary. Much of it because of partially deployed systems that didn't scale or cut project funding. We see business processes built around IT assets instead of assets supporting business function. Duplication everywhere.

Mind you, the enterprise eco system is a result of both IT and business misfiring. Business does not understand its workflow. IT insist that workflow comply with its architecture. It is a symbiotic relationship. Not a healthy relationship.

Then there is the IT methodology. A methodology designed by IT for IT. It does not serve the business. But, we lie to ourselves. We say the process helps us deliver. Where is the evidence?

Does our business understand our methodology? Are they advocates of it? Do they insist we use it? Hardly.

Look at our relationship. The business says IT cost to much. Takes to long to deliver. Our systems don't work. Our business partners are not happy. They continual look for cheaper ways to ... fail.

Can the business exist without us? No. Are we thought of as strategic partners? No. Are we able to leverage technology to provide competitive advantage? How often?

We don' t realize our potential. We have excuses. "The business does not know what it wants". "Our systems and processes are complex". "We don't have the tools we need". "We can't find good people or are not willing to pay for them". In frustration our business attempts to control cost. They no longer think of us as adding value. We become a cost center. Something that must be controlled.

Then there are the silos. Funding is allocated to each business unit. They each want their own IT. Each defending their own funding source. Each with the number one priority. Each wanting to control their own eco system. Seldom reaching across business units to define enterprise business processes. All focusing on their business. Is it any wonder we have duplication?

Sound familiar? So how do we get to "what is" to "what is possible"? Who can untie this Gordian Knot? The good news is it is solvable. That success is the engine that powers the transformation.

It starts small. It builds. It iterates.

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