Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bad Smells

It had all the bad smells. This new project. The business was frustrated. They were convinced IT was incompetent. The project team warned me, "the business does not know what it wants". They were both right.

The prototype was built with offshore resources. They had completed two eight week drops. It worked well enough to demo as long as you stuck to the script.

The offshore team said "it is nearly done". The business had this endless list of things that "must be done". Were they working on the same project?

The current project team was making the rounds. Showing the demo. Creating the impression that the app was nearly ready. Everyone liked what they saw. They could hardly wait to see it deploy.

Meanwhile, the development team had a long list of defects. The more they fixed, the more there was to fix. Sixteen weeks of development followed by eight weeks of bug fixes, with no end in sight. Performance testing had not yet begun. Great, "almost done", yet endless defects, incomplete scope and no one knew if it would scale. This was going to be fun.

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